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How to start a roofing company

To grow a roofing business, you need to develop standard procedures and then trust your employees to adhere to them. This includes how you answer calls, evaluate customers, and manage repair and installation projects. A business plan helps you understand your market and business strategy. It can also help you secure funding, if necessary. Business…

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What’s the Average Cost for a New Roof?

It can be intimidatingly expensive to replace a roof. Your location, labor costs and material selections will all impact the final cost. A roof replacement is an important home improvement and should not be overlooked. It is vital for protecting your house from environmental elements and keeping it safe and secure. Materials Cost A new…

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Driveway Paving News

Asphalt Paving Scams Be aware of the scammers in the asphalt paving industry. There are many people out there who will pose as a professional asphalt paving company or a contractor who is out of work. These scammers will offer you an extremely cheap quote, do a shoddy job, and then take partial payment. Asphalt…

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